Cult of the Lamb 'Sins of the Flesh' Update Brings New Content Minus the Mischief

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Cult of the Lamb 'Sins of the Flesh' Update Brings New Content Minus the Mischief

The delightfully ominous roguelike Cult of the Lamb has previously enticed players with 'Relics of the Old Faith', a complimentary expansion enhancing post-final boss content and introducing a multitude of new game elements. This suite of features included a potent heavy attack for each weapon, a collection of relics, additional challenges, as well as enemies bearing protective shields. The game's creators, Massive Monster, have tantalizingly hinted at further expansions yet to arrive.

The anticipation escalates as Massive Monster reveals the title and expected launch period for the forthcoming update, naming it 'Sins of the Flesh'. According to a teaser tweet from the game's official account, early next year promises to deliver a cornucopia of fresh features, narratives, and additional content.

A wave of speculation ignited across the Steam forum and other platforms as curious onlookers associated the update's suggestive title 'Sins of the Flesh'—and the teaser's depiction of minimally clad cultists—with potentially risqué content. Community members have humorously dubbed this the "sex update," a concept passionately perpetuated through an abundance of playful exaggerations.

Addressing community concerns about the update appropriating a more mature theme inappropriate for younger audiences, the community manager of Massive Monster sought to put minds at ease. The manager clarified, with a hint of humor, that the so-called "sex update" is more akin to an inside joke within the community. They reassured fans that any new material would comply with existing age guidelines and that suitability for younger players who have previously enjoyed the game remains a priority.

As for the confirmed enhancements coming with 'Sins of the Flesh', the community manager elaborated that the update will enrich the game's cult dynamics. Players should expect an influx of new cult-centric buildings, a deeper narrative, expanded lore, and an array of unlockable content and activities.

Enhancing its appeal, Cult of the Lamb is presently available at a discount. Praised in reviews for its unique blend of governance and dark whimsy—likened to a parallel universe Animal Crossing ruled by a power-hungry Tom Nook—the game is now inviting players with a 40% price reduction on Steam, currently positioned at $US15, £11.70, or $AUS21.60.