Temporary Revamp to Overwatch 2’s Quick Play Mode on the Horizon

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Temporary Revamp to Overwatch 2’s Quick Play Mode on the Horizon

For a single weekend, Blizzard is giving a novel spin to the Quick Play mode of their popular title Overwatch 2. The aim of this modification is to add an element of unpredictability and disarray to the game's otherwise casual combat style.

The infamous Sombra, a DPS hero from Overwatch 2, notorious for her formidable hacking abilities, is the cause behind this shake-up. Sombra, an ex-Talon member, managed to find her way into this FPS game, consequently heterogenizing Quick Play's casual combat mode.

The upcoming weekend will be the testing ground for the altered Quick Play: Hacked. It is sure to offer a fresh twist to the conventional gameplay with amplified object capture velocities, respawn times, and payloads, as per Blizzard's blog post. Whether this dynamic shift will disrupt the foundational tactics of Overwatch 2 is uncertain. However, it's guaranteed to transform the way teams devise strategies and regroup.

Players disliking these changes need not worry as these modifications are temporary. Following this weekend, Quick Play will revert to its original gameplay. Blizzard's blog states that this temporary alteration serves as a feasibility study, aiming to establish which changes in Overwatch 2 resonate best with the players. They plan to refine gameplay based on the outcomes of this trial and afford all players the chance to test new tactics and playing styles that a conventional Overwatch match might not be receptive to.

As to whether these changes will ever reappear in Overwatch 2 remains a mystery. Meanwhile, Blizzard advises players to stay vigilantly in sync with their team and maintain an acute awareness of the enemy’s respawn location, given the heightened pace of the modified mode.