YouTube Music Advances with Hum to Search Feature

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YouTube Music Advances with Hum to Search Feature

YouTube is set to enhance competition with Apple's Shazam by allowing users to search for music they've heard but forgotten to save to their playlists. Users participating in the trial of this new feature can toggle between YouTube's regular voice search and the music-identifying function. To activate song recognition, users hum or record the melody for at least three seconds. 

A similar feature was previously introduced on Google Search and Google Assistant, but required a hum duration of approximately fifteen seconds. Machine Learning (ML) technology is employed by both Google and YouTube for song identification, which then directs users to related official music, user-created videos or YouTube Shorts. 

The feature is not novel to the industry, as it also exists on third-party apps like SoundHound and MusixMatch. However, its addition to YouTube could be beneficial for the platform's vast global userbase of about 2.7 billion. YouTube continues to refine its platform by testing additional features such as design tweaks to its 'Skip Ads' button and-rounded corners for its video player. 

Moreover, it is trialing a channel shelf in the Subscriptions feed for multiple YouTube uploads and Q&A stickers for Shorts on mobile, as well as a new 'For You' section on channel homepages among other features.