Delve into Black Swan in Honkai Star Rail - Her Ascension Materials, Eidolons, and In-game Kit

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Delve into Black Swan in Honkai Star Rail - Her Ascension Materials, Eidolons, and In-game Kit

The world of Honkai Star Rail gets increasingly populous with each update, and the forthcoming Version 2.0 is no exception. Among the highly anticipated components is the release of Black Swan, a 5-Star Wind character from The Nihility path. Even though her arrival date remains uncertain as the development team cycles through various Banner schedules, we cannot overlook the excitement surrounding her inclusion. Based on reliable leaks and beta information, we explore the intriguing facets of Black Swan, including her Ascension materials, Eidolons, and game kit.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Black Swan's Powers

Black Swan brings an invigorating change to Honkai's gameplay, primarily known to apply Damage-Over-Time (DOT) effects and increase damage rates for adversaries. Additionally, she stands strong as an efficient defense dropper enhancing the overall gaming dynamics. However, the details stand on Level 1 Traces and are leaked fueled by beta information. It implies that the official release may have some modifications>.

A Glimpse into Black Swan's Upgrade Procedure

Black Swan game screen

To leverage her potential, Black Swan needs to undergo an upgrade process highlighting her health, attack, defense, and critical hit attributes. The enhancement involves collecting significant amounts of Ascendant Debris and Core-based materials according to beta leaks. While the information shared still holds the potential to change with the official release, here is an estimated sketch of what you might require to ascend Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail.

Maximizing Black Swan's Efficiency with Trace Materials

Boosting Black Swan's performance doesn't stop at Ascension but extends to improving passive abilities and attacks by utilizing Trace materials. As per leaked information, gamers will require an abundant supply of Fiery Spirit and Core-based materials. However, unlike Ascendant Debris, players cannot pre-farm the Fiery Spirit materials before the 2.0 release.

Unlocking Black Swan's Eidolon Levels

Black Swan girl in dress

Eidolons, an elemental part of Honkai Star Rail characters, enhance their capabilities as duplicate characters from Warp on their Banner are received. Once you collect Black Swan duplicates, you'll slowly unveil her various Eidolon levels sourced from Project Yatta. It is important to note that each Eidolon upgrade either improves an existing attack or boosts a passive ability.

Preparing for the Grand Arrival

While we anticipate the arrival of Black Swan and Sparkle in version 2.0, Version 1.6 does not disappoint with the debut launches of Ruan Mei and Dr Ratio. Keep an eye on those elusive codes that offer Stellar Jade for these new characters. Meanwhile, as avid gamers, the only task left is to continue exploring all the characters in this ever-evolving world of Honkai Star Rail.