A Guide to Navigate Multiple Outcomes in 'Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty'

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A Guide to Navigate Multiple Outcomes in 'Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty'

In the thrilling world of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, every decision could lead to a captivating ending. With its intriguing spy-inspired narrative, this DLC houses several different endings, each unique and bound to impact the overall story in its own way. Based on your choices, you get to shape not only the destiny of key characters but also the storyline's trajectory. Do note that spoilers will be shared from this point onwards. Use our guide to help with your journey.

The Four Pathways to Closure

The Phantom Liberty DLC offers four different endings for players to experience. However, it's crucial to note that two of these endings slightly vary from the same path, yet bear meaningful nuances depending on player choices. The implications of these endings include significant ramifications for many major characters, including V himself.

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The major plot decisions leading to these endings are pivotal enough that they will be hard to miss. The first such decision comes during the 'Firestarter' main mission while the second follows during either the 'Somewhat Damaged' or 'The Killing Moon' missions. Your choices here will significantly affect which ending is unlocked.

Ending 1:V Propels Songbird to the Moon

You can attempt Ending 1 where V decides to help Songbird initiate her lunar journey during an encounter within a confined room with the Cynosure device. It's integral to opt against eliminating Reed. In this conclusion, Reed faces his demise, leaving V fend off their Relic issues sans assistance. This results in the absence of an additional base game ending under Ending 1.

Ending 2: V Custodies Songbird to the FIA

Should you feel like securing Songbird into the clutches of the FIA, you can aim for Ending 2. Interactive decisions are made within the same room scenario as the previous ending but with a slight change. This time, V chooses to call Reed inside the train before carrying Songbird. Deferred deliverance of Songbird to Reed on a rainy platform at the spaceport marks the descension point to this unique narrative end. Further choices have long-lasting implications in this choice; however, V is also offered additional opportunities post the conclusion of Phantom Liberty

Ending 3: V Accommodates Songbird's Request

Choosing to help Reed capture Songbird once again in the room housing the Cynosure device leads us to the possibility of Ending 3. This ending comes into play only when V accedes to the agonizing request from Songbird, asking her own life to be brought to an end. However, an essential subplot here is that neither Reed nor President Roslin would aid V with their Relic issues, consequently forfeiting any further endings from the base game.

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Ending 4: V Denies Songbird’s Final Plea

Intending to keep Songbird alive forms the basis of Ending 4. Declining Songbird's request for an early exit in the same room scenarios brings to closure this final narrative path. In the event of both Reed and Songbird surviving, V receives a signal from Reed, requesting them to embark on the 'Who Wants to Live Forever' mission, ushering in a new ending for the base game.

We hope this guide aids in crafting your thrilling journey through this immersive world, enabling an engaging experience brimming with rich narrative outcomes. Best wishes for your adventures in Dogtown!