Genshin Impact: Is Ayaka or Shenhe the Better Pull?

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Genshin Impact: Is Ayaka or Shenhe the Better Pull?

Genshin Impact has an abundance of characters for players to choose from, and two of the best are Ayaka and Shenhe. These two Cryo units, when combined, form an incredibly powerful duo that can carry Freeze and Mono-Cryo teams. But which one should you pull for? In this article, we'll be comparing the two characters, their weapons, artifacts, and roles in Genshin Impact.

Ayaka: A DPS with Limited Weapon Choices

Ayaka: A DPS with Limited Weapon Choices

Ayaka is a Cryo-based DPS unit that is great for Freeze and Mono-Cryo teams. However, her main problem is that she needs more weapon selection. The best 4-star weapon for Ayaka is the R5 Amenoma Kageuchi, which helps her expend energy to use Burst more often. As for 5-star weapons, her best choice is Mistsplitter Reforged, with Haran Geppaku in second place.

In terms of artifacts, Ayaka is similar to the other traditional DPS characters in Genshin Impact. She should focus on increasing her ATK%, Cryo DMG, and Critical DMG. To maximize the damage she deals, it is best to use the 4-Blizzard Strayer set, as it helps you deal more critical hits without relying on Critical Rate.

Shenhe: A Support That Buffs Cryo DMG

Shenhe A Support That Buffs Cryo DMG

Shenhe is a cryo-buffer who mainly relies on her Elemental Skill to boost her team's cryo DMG. Her Icy Quill depends on her overall ATK, so unlike other buffers in Genshin Impact, ATK% is her most important metric. As for weapons, Shenhe is a great matchup with Favonius Lance. For a 5-star weapon, any option with a high base ATK can be a good choice. However, for players who want the best build, Calamity Queller, Engulfing Lightning, and Skyward Spine are the best choices.

For artifacts, a set of 4 Noblesse Oblige would be the ideal choice for Shenhe, as it increases her team's ATK% by an additional 20%. This allows her to increase her team's DMG further, making her an indispensable aid in battles.

Comparing Ayaka and Shenhe

Comparing Ayaka and Shenhe

When it comes to comparing Ayaka and Shenghe, it is important to note that they have different roles at Genshin Impact. Ayaka is an excellent DPS, while Shenhe works better as an outfield buff. However, the two units work well together due to their shared element.

Ayaka is a forgiving DPS character, as players can easily swap her without losing her utility. On the other hand, Shenhe can not only increase her DMG cryo but also be a reliable battery for other cryo. Her ability to reduce enemies' resistance to Cryo DMG also makes her indispensable.

Which One Should You Pull For?

Which One Should You Pull For

When it comes to choosing a character, it's important to consider your current team roster and what you're looking for in character. If you're looking for a great DPS character that can fit into many team lineups, Ayaka is the best choice. On the other hand, if you already have a good Cryo DPS, such as Ganu or Ayaka, and are looking for solid support, Shenhe is the best choice.


In conclusion, both Ayaka and Shenhe are important characters in Genshin Impact. Ayaka is an excellent DPS with a limited choice of 4-star weapons, while Shenhe works better as an off-field buff who can buff other cryo-units. When it comes to character selection, players should consider their current team composition and what they are looking for in character. Players should choose Ayaka if they want a great DPS unit and Shenkhe if they want reliable support.