How to Emerge Victorious Against the Blindfolded Boy in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

  • Milo Cartwright
  • Mar 19, 2023
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How to Emerge Victorious Against the Blindfolded Boy in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's main campaign brings us full circle as the player recovers in the decrepit remains of the village from the beginning mission to face the game's first boss, the Blindfolded Boy, once again. This time, this demon-infested boy is determined not to give up so easily. Here's how to beat the Blindfolded Boy and keep your victory against the Fallen Dynasty.

Analyze the Blindfolded Boy's Moveset

Blindfolded Boy

The Blindfolded Boy has an eclectic set of movements that encompasses all the lessons taught by the game so far. He moves quickly and stacks combos, and if the player is not careful, he can parry their attacks. To defeat him, you need to dodge precisely and stay confident in your offensive approach.

The Blindfolded Boy has a similar move set to Yu Ji, with some tweaks that make him more agile. Rather than getting distance, he likes to press the advantage and stack combos. He may do a sword spin followed by a back-slash or four-stroke sword combo, depending on your position. His dodges are also varied, and he can even throw daggers at you. All of these daggers follow the same firing pattern, pausing for a beat in the air before shooting toward you.

Dodge Precisely and Use the Blue Spirit Gauge

Dodge Precisely and Use the Blue Spirit Gauge

Dodging is essential for two reasons: it will keep you alive, and it builds the fight's currency - the blue spirit gauge. As soon as you get that energy, use it to counterattack precisely and avoid overplaying your advantage.

The Blindfolded Boy has some special techniques that require precise evasion. For example, he can build a ball of Qi to launch at the player or copy Yu Ji's spinning sword's special move. He also has a cloning move, where two replicas appear and spin swords while the true Blindfolded Boy rushes in with a special slashing move or a ball of Qi attack. Be prepared for this - precisely dodging each one will expose him for a good stagger, allowing for massive damage.

Be Careful When He Uses Elemental Tricks

Be Careful When He Uses Elemental Tricks

The Blindfolded Boy also has some elemental tricks. He will send out an AOE attack that demonstrates the element he is using, so keep your distance and dodge when the time is right.

Stay Calculated and Don't Panic

The Blindfolded Boy is a formidable opponent, so stay calm and use precision and calculated strikes. If you press him, he will parry and leave you exposed to his counterattacks. Wait for him to make mistakes and use your spirit gauge wisely - that is your key to victory.

Good luck, and enjoy your victory against the Fallen Dynasty!

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