The Essential Guide to Farming Lakelight Lily in Genshin Impact

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The Essential Guide to Farming Lakelight Lily in Genshin Impact

Arriving with the 4.2 update of the popular RPG Genshin Impact, Lakelight Lily is poised to become a favorite among both casual and dedicated players. This rare material hails from the picturesque and enigmatic region of Fontaine, specifically its northeastern area. Lakelight Lily is an invaluable resource for the ascension of Furina, the newly-introduced 5-star Hydro Archon that players encounter at the onset of Fontaine's Archon Quest. The unique water-formed flower may eventually be needed to level up other characters, fueling its high demand among players.

Important Details about Lakelight Lily

For seekers of Lakelight Lily, it is essential to know that the flower cannot be farmed nonstop, as there's a two-day respawn duration. The distinctive blue flower, which intriguingly resembles a liquid burst in shape, thrives in Erinnyest Forest Fontaine, specifically northeast of the Fountain of Lucine area. Unlike some materials in Genshin Impact, no underwater exploration is necessary, as all Lakelight Lilies grow above ground. Furthermore, Furina currently requires a whopping 168 Lakelight Lilies for complete ascension, making it crucial to gather lilies diligently.

Important Details about Lakelight Lily

Farming Locations within Fontaine

Lakelight Lily habitats usually consist of small groups, generally hosting two or three flowers at once. Hence, each find significantly decreases farming time. Although there are 78 flowers within Fontaine, securing enough to fully ascend Furina will require precise stratagem and at least three dedicated days of farming. Below are key locations to speed up the harvest:

Foggy Forest Path

East of the Fountain of Lucine nests the Foggy Forest Path, a forested region teeming with 19 Lakelight Lilies. It is highly suggested to take advantage of the teleport waypoints to save on precious travel time. Players should start at the southernmost point and gradually make their way north, harvesting as they go. A trek up the mountain and run across the woodlands will help gather additional flowers.

Weeping Willow of the Lake and Loch Urania

Conveniently nestled to the east of Marcotte Station and north of the Foggy Forest Path are the Weeping Willow of the Lake and Loch Urania areas, which host 59 Lakelight Lily flowers. To access these flowers, players need to complete a world quest titled 'The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes' first. After this, starting at the path's primary teleport waypoint, players can embark on a journey encompassing mountains, hot springs, riversides, and lakes, collecting Lakelight Lilies along the way.

Lakelight Lily

Purchasing Lakelight Lily

Northeast of Loch Urania resides NPC Pahsiv, who sells a limited amount of 15 Lakelight Lily flowers after players complete the 'The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes' world quest. Each Lily costs two Tidalga, blue materials found underwater. Regrettably, this purchase can only be made once as Pahsiv doesn't restock his Lakelight Lily cache. Thus, farming remains the primary way to acquire this coveted material in Genshin Impact.

Given the game's various challenges and evolving narratives, it can be surmised that Lakelight Lily’s role in Genshin Impact will play out favorably for Furina and possibly other characters in future updates, making it a worthy asset for any ambitious player